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Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. My name is Keletso (21 from Canada) and this blog is dedicated to female tv heroines that kick ass. You might see the occasional male hottie as well but what can I say?! I'm only human.
im having trouble finding a promo for 6x02, someone help me out pls?
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That Person Of Interest Premiere Was Amazing!

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make me choose: tvfanatic asked BAMF!beckett or crying!beckett

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Jake Ballard, a different perspective

I haven’t been Jake’s biggest fan since he was introduced on Scandal but I have to give the guy props. He is not playing into this “love-triangle” storyline but rather making Live choose between him and Fitz (which is long overdue). It might seem like he’s pressuring her but if I was in his position I’d be tired of playing second fiddle too. At this point it doesn’t matter who she chooses, it’s just important that she does because there is more to Scandal than a love-triangle. 

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No McConnel’s ever had any trouble getting the job done.

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Person of Interest Season 4 airs tonight!!! Oh yeah Baby!

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New Scandal Promo/New Season

After waiting all summer for Scandal scraps there is something about the new promo that rubs me the wrong way. Everything is falling apart in DC and Olivia is on a beach sipping wine….okay….it seems cliche. I find it hard to believe that this heroine who is supposed to be everyone’s light would just wash her hands of EVERYONE for 2 months and live the easy life! I’m not saying she has to miserable, the girl deserves to be happy but come on this is Olivia Pope she helps people for a living. Instead of sipping wine on a beach she could be doing something…anything but that. That promo makes me question if she ever wondered how the people she left behind were faring (we know she did). I bet that island doesn’t have cell service. But then again she did say that she needed to ”fix” herself. Hopefully from her time on the island Olivia can figure out what it is she wants hence the ‘No looking back tagline’: does she want Fitz or does she want him to be president or does she want Jake or does she want to be single or…? The possibilities are endless and the indecision is killing me. I really hope that someone does not beg her to return. The way I see it she left on her own and she needs to return on her own. One thing is for sure once she does return and learns about Harrison’s demise she will have to win OPA trust back  (we all know Abby will give her hell).

Anyways, Fitz hasn’t been a great president and I love that he will be focusing on something constructive instead of pining for Olivia (in my opinion he loves her more than she loves him) As evidence supporting my argument of who loves who more I was going to say that you don’t leave the person you profess to love without letting them know but my favourite kick ass heroine Nikita did it at the end of the season 3 and I had no problem with it so it would be hypocritical of me to critique Olivia for doing the same thing. That being said, Nikita didn’t run away with someone she knows has feelings for her and she has admitted to feeling something with him while also in love with another man to go to a beach and sip wine. Did she really think that if she left life would automatically right itself? Also can the characters (Olivia, Cyrus and Jake) stop blaming Fitz presidency for their bad decisions? 

Poor Mellie. Can you imagine being distant with a child who you thought was from your rapist father-in-law only to learn that he was your husbands and then to lose him? This must be eating her up inside, I cannot imagine what she is going through. For all her manipulations at the end of the day she feelings just as much as Olivia and she must be blaming herself for things she never said to Jerry Jr and all the things she never did with him. She will definitely be more attentive to her surviving children.  

Jake. He has potential. If he wasn’t always pining for Olivia and begging her to save and stand in the light with him (I’m still confused what that means) he’d be a great tv character. He has all the makings of my kind of tv guy but… I hope this season he has more of a storyline that isn’t about B613 or Olivia or Fitz. 

I would also love to see the characters suffer the consequences for their actions (ahem..Rowan). 

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